CHICAGO — Members of the Allied Trades of the Baking Industry recently elected a new slate of officers to two-year terms extending through March 2015.

Rick McGrath, partner and senior vice-president at Lockton Companies, has been named president of the A.T.B.I. Tom McCurry, executive vice-president of sales and marketing at Cain Food Industries, was elected first vice-president, while John Hellman, president of McGahee Lacy Associates, was named second vice-president. Mr. McCurry also was elected secretary treasurer of the A.T.B.I.

Additionally the following members were elected to the board for a term ending in 2016:

• Terry Bartsch — Shaffer
• Don Brown — ConAgra Milling
• Bruce Criss — ADM Milling
• Gerry Degnan — Manildra Group USA
• Pete Frederick — Milner Milling Corp
• DJ LeCrone — LeMatic, Inc.
• Tim Marron — BC Williams Food Products, Inc.
• Randy Marten — Miller Milling Co.
• Clay Miller — Burford Corp.
• Bill Zimmerman — The Long Company

Founded in 1920, the A.T.B.I. serves the grain-based foods industry through cooperation between a large cross-section of suppliers to the wholesale manufacturers that each day provide bread, rolls, cereals, cakes, cookies, crackers, tortillas and any number of other items that incorporate grains as their base.