CHICAGO — Jim Dibble, who has had a 43-year career in the baking industry, led a presentation titled “The Real ‘Dough Boys of World War II’” March 5 at the American Society of Baking’s BakingTech 2013 in Chicago. Mr. Dibble had first-hand knowledge of the dough boys, or bakers that served in the U.S. Army. His father, who served in the Philippines, was one of them.

Bill Dibble, who also was in attendance at BakingTech, served in the 158th Quartermaster Baking Co. and held the rank of staff sergeant. The Army placed qualified bakers in baking units. Four platoons, each with 38 men, made up a typical bakery company. Each platoon then was organized into four sections of nine men each. One section was able to produce enough bread to supply one battalion of about 800 men with fresh bread every day.

In June 1945 Mr. Dibble and the 158th arrived at Manila Bay and soon began baking fresh bread for the front line troops. After the war, Mr. Dibble and others in the 158th were awarded a Philippines Presidential Distinguished Unit citation and medal.

Bill Dibble, now retired from the baking industry, most recently was executive vice-president of technical affairs for QBA. He also was vice-president at Interstate Brands Corp., Kansas City. Jim Dibble, currently vice-president of R.&D. and product innovation at Flowers Foods, has worked for Butternut Bread Bakery, Kroger bakeries and General Foods Baking. Prior to Flowers Foods he was senior vice-president of innovation at Hostess Brands, Inc.