DALLAS — Convenience store chain 7-Eleven, Inc. is expanding its breakfast options with the introduction of its Breakfast Empanada Bites. The new miniature, crescent-shaped pastries, filled with eggs, cheese, bacon, ham and sausage, are priced at three for $1 at participating 7-Eleven stores.

7-Eleven said the breakfast snack fits with several food trends, including the growth of breakfast and snacking occasions, the continuing popularity of Latin foods, portion control, portability, high-protein content and value pricing.

“Breakfast and snacking are both growth areas in the food industry and strong day parts for 7-Eleven,” said Kelly Buckley, vice-president of fresh food innovation at 7-Eleven. “Mornings are our busiest time of day, and 7-Eleven is a destination for snacks and drinks all day long. The Empanadas Bites meet a need for a hot, savory, high-protein breakfast and a snack option. And, at $1 for three, customers can get big flavor on a budget.”

7-Eleven said while Hispanics are a key core customer group for the convenience store chain, Empanada Bites are geared toward all demographic groups who are looking for Latin American foods.

“One of today’s biggest food trends is something I call ‘flavor adventure,’ and the Breakfast Empanada Bites add a little zing to the morning meal,” Ms. Buckley said. “With a cup of 7-Eleven Brazilian Dark Roast coffee, they’re sure to wake up you and your taste buds.”

Breakfast Empanada Bites are heated in rapid-cook ovens at 7-Eleven stores and served hot. When tested in select 7-Eleven stores, the Breakfast Empanada Bites ranked extremely high for flavor, value and uniqueness, the company said.

Three Empanada Bites contain 10 grams of protein and 230 calories.