David Murphy, president of Mother Murphy’s Laboratories, Inc., was elected chairman of the AIB Board of Trustees.

Mr. Murphy joined Mother Murphy’s Laboratories in 1974 and has been president for the past 16 years.

Mr. Murphy has been active in a number of trade organizations, including as president of the Cookie and Snack Bakers Association, the National Allied Trades Association, the Texas Allied Trades Association, as well as currently serving as a director on the Bakers National Education Foundation and as a member of the Food Marketing Education Council. He also has been active in community organizations, including as a member of the Financial Board of Wofford College (Spartanburg, S.C.), from which he graduated in 1974. He makes his home in Greensboro, N.C.

Donald Thriffiley Jr., senior vice-president of human resources at Flowers Foods, Inc., was elected vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees.

By vote of the AIB Membership, the following members were re-elected to the Board: Kevin Schoen, vice-president of manufacturing, General Mills, Inc.; Fred Springer, president, Burford Corp.; and Campbell Williams, director of operations, BCW Food Products, Inc.