PARMA, ITALY — In a move designed to “Italianize” its menu, McDonald’s Corp. has partnered with Barilla Group to offer a pasta salad in its restaurants in Italy. The pasta salad features whole grain pennette pasta with a “balanced mix of tuna fish, tomatoes, bell peppers, capers and olives, flavored with a touch of oregano and salt,” the companies said. The dish will retail for €4.90 ($6.33).

“For McDonald’s, the launch of the pasta salad represents a crucial step in its drive to get closer to Italian tastes, flavors and habits,” said Roberto Masi, chief executive officer of McDonald’s Italia. “McDonald’s has been carrying out with commitment and success this strategy of using typical Italian products which, on the one hand, responds to the tastes of the Italian people who are main consumers and aficionados of pasta, and on the other, goes for the excellences of Italian production, of whom Barilla is a glowing example.”

Clauido Colzani, c.e.o. of the Barilla Group, said the company is excited to be contributing to McDonald’s effort to expand its range of “quality Italian products.”