I have worked in the food industry for almost 40 years, starting with research projects for the wine industry in Washington state, moving to operating large-scale manufacturing facilities, then running an international food group, and, finally, leading AIB International for more than eight rewarding years.

The food business is hard work. The work is often challenging, relentless, and sometimes tedious, but it also has many rewards. In our industry, we help make safer the food that provides people with their subsistence, their nutrients for good health, their pleasure, and their social interaction — all very much a part of the fabric of life.

Working with food means you operate within the cycles of our natural world — cycles over which you have no control. Working with ever-changing environmental conditions does two things: it keeps us just a little humble, and it teaches us to adjust, rebalance, and be creative at finding solutions to evolving changes. The outcome of this collective effort is that many people around the world enjoy good, safe food, at a historically low cost.

In the food industry, one has the privilege of working with a variety of talented, dedicated people, from growers to scientists, engineers and educators, information technology, human resources, accounting, marketing, transportation, culinary experts, and many, many others. The food industry is one in which you can grow your skills and knowledge for your entire career. The greatest reward is working with great people who appreciate and respect the work of which we are all a collective part.

I have especially enjoyed my role and time at AIB. During my tenure, investments have increased by 30%, our total assets by 50%, and our annual revenue by more than 70%. I have loved being a part of the wide-ranging activities in which AIB engages, and our commitment to education and technical support. I have also enjoyed working with the staff at AIB — all of whom share a strong desire to make a positive difference within our industry through education and technical professional services.

What makes AIB unique is the blend of professional skills and knowledge that is objective, yet delivered in the spirit of helping others. Our ability to achieve this balance is why we attract and hold the best industry customers worldwide.

Under the guidance of AIB’s new president, Andre Biane, I have complete confidence that AIB will continue to grow and thrive. I wish for AIB — and for each member of the AIB staff — continued growth and success.

James R. Munyon
Retiring president and c.e.o.
AIB International

I am honored to have been selected to serve as the new president and chief executive officer of AIB International. Jim Munyon’s skilled leadership set a very high standard for AIB International, and left very large shoes to fill.

It is exciting and rewarding to lead this prestigious, well-respected organization. While we will continue to build on the programs, products, and activities that have long served the food, beverage, and baking industries, the Executive Leadership Team will use 2013 to reflect on our mission. With input from our customers and employees, we will craft a strategic plan to set AIB’s direction for the next 3-5 years.

There is a bright future for our business as we leverage core competencies to expand our bakery and food safety education, training, consulting, auditing, and technical services capabilities, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, with continuing consolidation in grain-based industries come additional opportunities to customize programs for global companies that may have very different regional needs. The changing regulatory and competitive environments create new challenges every day. Our Executive Leadership Team embraces these challenges as opportunities to elevate AIB’s capabilities and service to the industry.

We at AIB International congratulate Jim on a long, rewarding career of service to the industry, and wish Jeannette and him the very best in their new endeavors.

I look forward to leading AIB in ongoing and new initiatives with our industry partners as we elevate our capabilities to serve the food, beverage, and baking industries.

Andre Biane
President and c.e.o.
AIB International