ARLINGTON, VA. — Tom Dempsey, former president of Utz Quality Foods, Inc., has been named chief executive officer of the Snack Food Association (S.F.A.), effective July 1.

Jim McCarthy will continue as S.F.A.’s president, a role he has held since 1999. His focus will be to enhance the S.F.A.’s presence in federal, state and international arenas.

“I am delighted to announce that Tom Dempsey will be joining S.F.A. as c.e.o. and am looking forward to his leadership as we seek to build our association for the future,” said William (Chip) Mann II, chairman of the S.F.A. and president and co-owner, Pretzels, Inc. “We will be able to benefit from Tom’s energy and leadership in moving S.F.A. forward — and from Jim’s experience and expertise in the critically important governmental affairs arena. I feel we have significantly increased the strength of S.F.A.’s leadership team.”

Mr. Dempsey, a 24-year veteran of Utz and 2007 S.F.A. chairman, plans to visit both business and associate member companies as part of an effort to solicit ideas and assist company executives in leveraging their S.F.A. membership to benefit both the industry and their companies.

“As a former industry executive, member of S.F.A. and former chairman, I know how important this association is to the industry and to our individual companies,” Mr. Dempsey said. “Our goal is to build an even stronger S.F.A. that maximizes value for all of our members.”

Mr. Mann credited Mr. McCarthy with helping to place S.F.A. in a strong financial position.

“Now that he will no longer be responsible for the day-to-day management of the association, Jim will be able to focus his considerable talent and expertise on the increasingly important area of government relations for the benefit of our members,” Mr. Mann said. “There is no doubt that the challenges keep growing at all levels of government.”

Mr. McCarthy added, “I am looking forward to working with the S.F.A. board and new c.e.o. to deliver even greater government relations results for the association and our industry.”