KITCHENER, ONT. — Dare Foods Ltd. has introduced Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins, which are thin, crispy slices of bakery-style loaves that are baked, sliced and toasted and portion-packaged. The Sweet Thins have 80 calories per pack and no artificial flavors.

In creating the new product, Dare said it took “inspiration” from its Melba Toast line (known for its crisp, thinly-sliced toasts). The Sweet Thins have a toasted texture similar to Melba Toast, but come in three dessert-like loaves: banana bread, chocolate brownie and lemon poppy seed.

“Snacking is an enjoyable part of Canadians’ lives,” said Kelly McInenly, senior director of bakery marketing for Dare Foods Ltd. “We wanted to make a product that is delicious without being high in calories, that Canadians could enjoy while on the go. We also wanted to create a snack that stands out from others on the market. With Sweet Thins, people can indulge in their favorite sweet bakery-style loaves and satisfy their sweet tooth within their healthy lifestyles.”

Just like the rest of the Boulangerie Grissol lines, Sweet Thins are baked in Canada at Dare’s plant in Sainte-Martine, Quebec. All three varieties come in 102-gram boxes that contain six 2-packs per box. They are available at all major grocery and mass merchandise stores across Canada at a suggested retail price of $2.99.