LOS ANGELES – Pak Group L.L.C. has introduced a new line of dough conditioner products formulated for the North American market. The new Bellarise line includes four varieties individually formulated for specific baking applications and concentrated to a 1% use level.

The BR-1000 Red all-purpose dough conditioner provides volume and dough tolerance in all four types and baking conditions. The BR-1000 Green is a clean label, all-purpose dough conditioner that also provides dough tolerance and volume for all types of bread applications. For frozen dough manufacturing, the BR-1000 Blue gives commercial bakers the ability to eliminate dough tear and shredding. The BR-1000 Brown Hearth & Artisan allows artisan bakers to produce hearth bread in a “make and bake” operation and in accelerated or delayed productions.

“Our Bellarise dough conditioner product line provides superior performance on all levels while helping our customers reduce their overall ingredient costs,” said Walter Postelwait, president of Los Angeles-based Pak Group L.L.C.