PHILADELPHIA — Aramark, a food and nutrition supplier with more than 500 school districts throughout North America, has added a variety of new whole grain meal and snack offerings to school menus this fall. “Aramark is committed to ensuring that our students receive wholesome meals and snacks,” said Linda Sceurman, R.D.N. and director of nutrition and menu development for Aramark Education. “By working with our team of chefs and dietitians as well as manufacturers, we have created healthier menu items that not only taste great but provide students with the nutrients they need to support their busy lifestyles, both in and out of the classroom.” Examples of the new whole grain menu offerings include: Chicken nuggets made with whole grain breading; macaroni salad with vegetables and whole grain pasta; chicken Caesar wraps and ranch chicken wraps featuring whole grain wraps; fish sandwich featuring baked fish with whole grain breading, served on a whole grain bun; black bean veggie burger made from scratch vegetarian burger served on a whole grain bun; and pancakes, french toast, waffles, bagels and toast made with whole grains.