AHRENSBURG, GERMANY – TopBake gluten enhancer, a new product series from DeutscheBack GmbH & Co. KG, boosts the effect of wheat gluten already present in flour. The compounds make it possible to reduce the amount of added gluten or achieve desirable results with less vital gluten, or none at all, when using composite flour containing cassava.

When companies make baked foods using gluten-free flours such as soy, maize, beans, ancient grains or cassava, it reduces the proportion of wheat gluten in the recipe. The result is a negative effect on dough stability and volume.

TopBake compensates for the loss of gluten. The complexes of active substances are based on enzymes, vegetable fibers, hydrocolloids and ascorbic acid. TopBake compensates for the deficits in the raw materials, increases water absorption capacity and optimizes dough stability.

Baking performance is maintained if 10 parts of gluten are replaced with as little as 1 part of TopBake. For example, if a recipe contains 10% cassava flour, about 4% of vital wheat gluten is needed to maintain baking properties. The amount of vital wheat gluten may be reduced to 1% through the addition of 0.3% TopBake.