SEATTLE — Continental Mills has added new products to its Krusteaz line of baking mixes. 

“Krusteaz takes pride in continually offering new and innovative baking mix products that enable bakers at all levels to create something amazing for their friends and family,” said Andy Heily, senior vice-president of sales and marketing at Continental Mills, parent company of Krusteaz. “Baking is an expression of love, and it’s also a tremendous outlet for creativity. As a family-owned business, we never lose sight of the honor and responsibility of providing products that bring friends, families, and communities together.”

Krusteaz’s line of Molten Deep Dish Cookie Mix is something “truly unique in the cookie category,” according to Continental Mills. Inspired by decadent restaurant desserts, the cookie mix combines the texture of a chewy cookie paired with a rich molten center. Each box comes with two packets — a cookie mix and a molten filling — and both are made with a creamy chocolate or caramel center. The line is offered in three flavors: classic cookie with a chocolate center, chocolate cookie with a caramel center, and sugar cookie with a chocolate center. Each 19-oz box retails for about $2.79.

Krusteaz also has launched two new flavors that will join its cinnamon swirl crumb cake and muffin mix variety. The new blueberry swirl crumb cake and muffin mix has a vanilla-flavored cake base and features blueberries and a brown sugar topping. The chocolate swirl crumb cake and muffin mix has a vanilla-flavored cake base with chocolate chunks, along with a chocolate crumb mix that bakes into the center layer and offers a chocolate crunch on the top. Each 19-oz box bakes 1 cake or 12 muffins and retails for about $2.79.

Krusteaz has introduced a natural southern cornbread and muffin mix. The mix bakes up a “little less sweet with a denser consistency and slightly crunchy texture,” according to Continental Mills.  A 19-oz box retails for about $2.49.

Finally, Krusteaz is expanding its artisan bread mix line with the launch of a beer bread mix. A standard 1-lb box makes one loaf of bread and retails for about $2.60.