FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Bimbo Bakeries USA (B.B.U.) is helping out the Texas community with the donation of more than 100,000 loaves of Mrs Baird’s bread to six major food banks in Texas. Food banks receiving the freshly-baked bread donations include the North Texas Food Bank (Dallas), the Houston Food Bank, the San Antonio Food Bank, the Tarrant Area Food Bank (Fort Worth), the Capital Area Food Bank (Austin), and the South Plains Food Bank (Lubbock).

B.B.U. said Mrs Baird’s has a long-standing relationship with food banks across Texas by making regular donations throughout the year.

“Though fresh bread is a staple in most households, it is not available to food bank clients as often as we would like because of limited shelf life,” said Brian Greene, president and chief executive officer of the Houston Food Bank. “To be able to provide our member agencies and the people that they serve with fresh, nutritious whole wheat bread truly is a special gift.”

In addition to donating the bread loaves, B.B.U. said it will give $5,000 to the Texas Food Bank Network, which advocates for all 21 food banks in the state of Texas covering all 254 counties.

“This bread donation is enough to make 1.15 million sandwiches, and we are glad our bread is going to many agencies who provide a wholesome meal for children or for those in need,” said Kara Reddy, senior brand manager of Mrs Baird’s. “In addition, we are donating breads made with whole wheat and whole grains to give kids the added nutrition they desperately need.”