WASHINGTON — The American Bakers Association applauded the U.S. Surface Transportation Board’s decision on Oct. 8 to increase reporting requirements on all railroads. The A.B.A. has been pressuring the S.T.B. to push railroads to report more data regarding shipping concerns.

“Requiring more information from all Class I rail carriers is critical to solving the current shipping problems,” said Lee Sanders, senior vice-president of government relations and public affairs for the A.B.A. “Making this information more transparent will lead to a better understanding of the overall problem, as well as improve performance for all parties affected by the crisis.”

Cory Martin, director of government relations for the A.B.A., added that while the S.T.B. decision will be helpful in gathering additional information to better understand the crisis, the A.B.A. would like to see more transparency regarding crude oil and other shipments.

“Specifically, the S.T.B. should request information on all shipping categories regarding the number of outstanding car orders, the average number of days late for outstanding orders, and the total number of new orders received and filled each week,” Mr. Martin said.

The A.B.A. will continue to work with congressional leaders and the S.T.B. to address the railway shipping crisis.