KANSAS CITY — Shick USA, a Kansas City ingredient automation company, received a 2014 Fast Track Award from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 20 in St. Louis. The Chamber’s Fast Track Awards recognize companies for their dramatic growth in a four-year period. Shick has experienced nearly 80% growth with the company’s continually improving technology and ability to handle complex projects.

With some of the first patented designs for pneumatic conveying equipment, Shick’s technology has enabled companies to automate their production systems, reduce contamination and enhance efficiency and output.

“Passionate people and successful project execution are key to Shick’s formula for success,” said Tim Cook, president. “It’s about making sure that our customers know they can put the project in our hands, and we’ll execute it from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail.”

To propel company growth, Mr. Cook and Joe Ungashick, chief executive officer of Shick, have set aggressive company growth goals. Priorities include expanding Shick’s reach within the food and beverage industry, as well as enhancing its component and international sales.

To drive Shick’s strategic growth plan, the company’s leadership has created programs to engage employees and foster responsibility for company success. Employees set measurable goals and are rewarded upon meeting those expectations.

“Whether you are a sales person, a manufacturing operator, an engineer or a director, you have milestones every year that feed right back up into our corporate vision,” Mr. Cook said. “This gives employees a sense of ownership, participation and responsibility.”

Shick is one of two Kansas City-based companies to receive the award. This is the company’s first Fast Track recognition. TheMissouri Business Magazinewill feature all seven Fast Track Award winners in its January 2015 issue.