ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — Nidera has fully acquired the USA/USC Terminal in the port of Contstanta, Romania. Nidera may use the port at the Black Sea to export agricultural products from the inlands of Romania and the Balkans. Nidera already uses the terminal to export various grains and oilseeds.

The terminal has storage capacity of 250,000 tonnes and the ability to load two Panamax vessels at the same time. It has loading facilities for trucks, trains and barges.

“This acquisition fits perfectly in our growth strategy,” said Marc Kwakkelstein, executive vice-president Europe for Rotterdam-based Nidera, an international agribusiness and trading company. “It is a great opportunity for Nidera to establish and sustain a leading position in the origination and distribution of agricultural commodities in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Nidera already owns two inland silos in Romania and plans to build two more. Nidera, founded in 1920, stands for the company’s early activities in Nederland, (East) Indies, Deutschland (Germany), England, Russia and Argentina.