WASHINGTON — A required listing for added sugars and changes in serving size for such products as muffins are just two areas that concern the American Bakers Association, Washington, in the proposed updates for the Nutrition Facts panel.

“The American Bakers Association looks forward to working with F.D.A. to ensuring the agency’s proposed updates to the Nutrition Facts panel and product serving sizes help better inform consumers with science-based information regarding their food choices,” the A.B.A. said Feb. 27.

The Food and Drug Administration released its proposed updates for the Nutrition Facts panel Feb. 27. One change requires the listing of added sugars. The A.B.A. previously has said that for the F.D.A. to differentiate between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars, the agency would need to access company formulation records, which the agency did not have the authority to do.

The F.D.A. also proposed changes to serving size because how much people eat and drink has changed since the serving sizes first were put in place in 1994. The A.B.A. said it plans to provide feedback on impacted bakery serving size changes. For example, changing the serving size for muffins/bagels to 110 grams from 55 grams is proposed.

The A.B.A. said it also planned to provide feedback on other proposed Nutrition Facts panel changes, including the reduction of sodium Daily Value to 2,300 mg from 2,400 mg, the increase in fiber Daily Value to 28 grams from 24 grams, the increase in calcium Daily Value to 1,300 mg from 1,000 mg, the required listing of vitamin D and potassium, format changes, and the deletion of calories from the fat line.

“From an initial review, A.B.A. believes there are positive opportunities for bakers to promote the healthy benefits of their products but also a few areas that could be potentially problematic,” the A.B.A. said.