WASHINGTON — Michael J. Cornelis, vice-president of American Pan, has been elected chairman of the International Baking Industry Expo committee for 2016. Baking Expo 2016 will take place Oct. 8-11, 2016, in Las Vegas.

“I am truly honored to be elected chairman for I.B.I.E. 2016,” Mr. Cornelis said. “Michael Beaty did an incredible job as chairman of I.B.I.E. 2013. My goal is to build on the momentum he helped create in order to grow the expo and deliver even more value to our industry.”

Mr. Beaty said the I.B.I.E. is “fortunate” to have a leader like Mr.  Cornelis.

“I am confident he will have a strong positive impact on the expo and the industry at large,” Mr. Beaty said.

In addition to Mr. Cornelis, the committee added two new members: Howard R. Alton, III, chief executive officer of Pan-O-Gold Baking Co., and Fred Springer, president and c.e.o. of Burford Corp.

Mr. Alton, the committee’s A.B.A. representative, currently is chairman of the A.B.A. and sits on its executive committee. He also served on the board of directors for The Long Co. for several years and has been active in industry associations.

Mr. Springer, BEMA’s committee representative, has been with Burford for more than 40 years, working extensively in trade shows, marketing and new product development. He has held several board and chairman positions throughout his career and is a recipient of the Robert A. Fischer Distinguished Service Award.

Joe Turano, president of Turano Baking Co., will step into his new role as I.B.I.E. vice-chairman, and Chris Clark, vice-president of operations for the A.B.A., will serve as I.B.I.E. assistant secretary and treasurer. Dennis Gunnell, president of sales and marketing at Formost Fuji Corp., will return as I.B.I.E. secretary.

Along with the new appointments, two members have resigned from the I.B.I.E. committee: R. Jack Lewis, Jr., president of Lewis Bakeries, Inc. and former I.B.I.E. chairman, and Hans van der Maarel, International Bakery Consulting Ltd. Both men served as I.B.I.E. committee members for 28 and 21 years, respectively.

I.B.I.E. is the grain-based food industry’s largest trade event. Baking Expo 2013 included approximately half a million square feet of exhibition space, with the latest ingredient, equipment, technology, packaging and supply solutions from 815 exhibiting companies, representing a 13% increase in exhibitors over 2010’s event, with 19% more square footage.