BOULDER, COLO. — Steve Hughes, chairman and chief executive officer of Boulder Brands, Inc., said “this could be the year” that the company lands a large, multi-national food service account.

“What’s particularly encouraging is it’s kind of the next level down — the emerging companies that are really embracing us,” Mr. Hughes said during a Feb. 27 conference call to discuss fiscal 2013 results. “Donato’s pizza in the Midwest — they’re selling and advertising a Donato’s pizza with Udi’s crust, and they’re very pleased with what it’s done in terms of their in-store numbers. So, that’s encouraging.”

He said Smashburger also has added an Udi’s bun, while TGI Friday’s has come on board and Holiday Inn Express is adding Udi’s items for its breakfast program.

“There is potentially an avalanche coming here,” Mr. Hughes said. “I don’t know if it happens in 2014. I think we could get one major multi-national engaged — actually — but they are all looking at it, studying it. But again, each one of those stores is its own factory, and there are a lot of implications and considerations, but I think it’s coming.”