LONDON — Tate & Lyle, P.L.C. has agreed to acquire the business and assets of Winway Biotechnology Natong Co. Ltd., a producer of polydextrose specialty fiber in China. The transaction is subject to government approval.

“The acquisition of Winway provides us with an excellent platform from which to accelerate the growth of our specialty fibers business in Asia Pacific and to expand our health and wellness offering globally,” said Olivier Rigaud, president of Speciality Food Ingredients for London-based Tate & Lyle.

Winway produces a range of polydextrose products at its manufacturing facility and laboratories in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and sells the products to customers in China as well as worldwide. Over the next two years Tate & Lyle expects to expand capacity and enhance the product offering.

Tate & Lyle has two other polydextrose facilities, one in the United States and one in The Netherlands. Polydextrose may replace the technical functionality of sugar to provide bulk, body, texture and mouthfeel in reduced calorie, no-added-sugar and/or high fiber foods, according to Tate & Lyle.