WASHINGTON — The American Bakers Association this week submitted comments urging the U.S. International Trade Commission to oppose duties on imports of Mexican sugar sought in a March 28 petition from the American Sugar Coalition.

“This is yet another example of ‘Big Sugar’s’ attempts to control the U.S. market and keep prices well above what the free market dictates,” said Cory Martin, director of government relations for the A.B.A. “Blaming a drop in sugar prices and the subsequent attempts by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to prop up domestic prices by creative accounting methods required by current sugar policy, on the Mexican sugar industry is absurd. It was the U.S. sugar industry’s own program that created the problem, and bakers, other food manufacturers and ultimately, American consumers, are left paying the bill.”

A preliminary determination in the case is expected from the I.T.C. by May 12.