NEW BERLIN, N.Y. — Greek yogurt maker Chobani L.L.C. will expand its product portfolio starting in June with the introduction of Greek Yogurt Oats, Chobani Indulgent, Chobani Kids and Chobani Kitchen products.

“With our new products and innovations, we are extending the way people enjoy Greek Yogurt in America and bringing better food to more people,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and chief executive officer of Chobani. “We’re just getting started.”

Chobani is introducing Chobani Greek Yogurt Oats, Chobani Indulgent dessert products and Chobani Kids squeezable yogurt pouches, among other products.

The Greek Yogurt Oats product line is chilled and will feature Greek yogurt mixed with fruit and oats. Product flavors will include banana maple, apple cinnamon, blueberry and cranberry. The company describes the products as “a cup of protein-, grain- and fiber-packed nourishment for those looking to start their day off right.”

The Indulgent line targets the dessert occasion and features Greek yogurt mixed with a variety of ingredients such as dark chocolate and fruits. Flavors include raspberry dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate and banana dark chocolate.

Chobani Kids are snacks made with low-fat plain Greek yogurt and reduced sugar, and the Chobani Kitchen products may be used in meal preparation. The Kitchen product is made with 4% whole milk and is available in a multi-serve format for recipes or a single-serve occasion.

“Our new flavors and formats bring new experiences with Greek Yogurt and deliver on our founding premise of people have taste, they just need more good options,” said Peter McGuinness, chief marketing and brand officer for the company.