FITCHBURG, WIS. – Glanbia Nutritionals, Inc. officially has opened a food-grade processing facility in Sioux Falls, S.D. The 63,000-square-foot plant produces MeadowPure flaxseed ingredients as well as a portfolio of chia, quinoa and other ancient grain ingredients.

Closed-loop processing at the site eliminates any foreign material or contaminants from entering the plant or process. Grain handling is entirely internal with no external grain unloading or grain bin storage. The plant accepts and handles only 99.9% pure, food-grade raw material.

“We’ve adapted very tight quality practices from exceptionally hygienic industries that have not been seen in the grain industry and have drawn on our long experience in Canada and with our customers to create the most food-safe grain processing plant in existence,” said Matt Healy, director of operations at the facility.

Glanbia Nutritionals, based in Fitchburg, is a division of Glanbia P.L.C.