Kind releases Strong & Kind bars

NEW YORK — Kind Healthy Snacks is announcing the addition of Strong & Kind bars, which include whole almonds, seeds, and legumes. Each bar is packed with all nine essential amino acids and comes in honey smoked BBQ, honey mustard, roasted jalapeño, hickory smoked, and Thai sweet chili. Honey smoked BBQ features a smoky and sweet combination with hints of cayenne chili, clove, and cinnamon. The mustard seed, chipotle chili, turmeric, and honey come together for the honey mustard variety. To carry on the savory theme, the hickory smoked bar features a mix of onions, garlic, and sea salt, while the Thai sweet chili bar is infused with ginger, coriander, cinnamon, jalapeño, and basil.

Triscuit announces Brown Rice Triscuit Thin Crisps

EAST HANOVER, N.J. — Triscuit, a business unit of Nabisco, is taking a new approach to the classic wheat cracker with the introduction of the Brown Rice Triscuit Thin Crisp. The crackers are less dense than the original Triscuits and are baked with 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat. In addition, they don’t contain artificial colors or high-fructose corn syrup and boast 23 grams of whole grains per 30-gram serving. Brown Rice Triscuit Thin Crisps are available in sour cream and chive, wasabi and soy sauce, and cinnamon sugar. All flavors are sold at retailers nationwide.

Rold Gold rolls out pretzel thins

PLANO, TEXAS — Rold Gold, a business unit of PepsiCo Inc.’s Frito-Lay division, is introducing a savory twist on the classic pretzel. The new pretzel thins offer a light and crunchy texture and are available in original, garlic Parmesan, and three cheese. Rold Gold pretzel thins are sold at a suggested retail price of $3.29 for an 8.25-oz bag.

Ritz introduces bacon crackers

EAST HANOVER, N.J. — Ritz, a business unit of Mondel?z International, Inc., is taking the savory flavor trend to the next level with bacon flavored crackers. The crackers offer a taste of the original Ritz cracker, black pepper seasoning, and bacon. “Ritz recognized America’s love for the taste of bacon and wanted to help take bacon flavor to places it’s never been before,” said Katrina Cohen, senior brand manager of Ritz. “Ritz crackers are an American favorite, and pairing them with one of America’s most popular, savory flavors is an exciting new step for snacks.”

Pepperidge Farm delivers cracker chips

NORWALK, CONN. — Pepperidge Farm is combining two snack foods into one for the introduction of the cracker chip product. The Baked Naturals cracker chips come in four flavors: cheddar, cheddar and sour cream, BBQ, and chili and lime. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, the snack options offers 18 grams of whole grains per serving.  “Pepperidge Farm is delighted to offer consumers a delicious snack option that they can feel good about,” said Steve White, vice-president, Pepperidge Farm. “With the whole grain goodness of a cracker in a great-tasting, light and crispy chip, Cracker Chips are a perfect addition to the wholesome Baked Naturals line.” The cracker chips are available at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Cheetos and Doritos join to launch snack combo

PLANO, TEXAS — PepsiCo’s Cheetos and Doritos are coming together with the combination of Cheetos Flamin’ Hot cheese flavored snacks and Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon rolled tortilla snacks. “The new Cheetos Flamin’ Hot / Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon Mix unites the much-loved spice and crunch offered by these two brands and packs layers of great flavor in every bite,” said Ram Krishnan, vice-president of marketing, Frito-Lay. “We found that fans of one product are often fans of the other — so we made it easier to enjoy them together as the ultimate spicy and crunchy snack combination.” The Cheese Flamin’ Hot and Doritos Dinamita Chile Limon Mix is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $3.49 for an 8-oz bag and $1.49 for a 3.25-oz bag.

Love Grown Foods mixes cereal options up with Power O’s

DENVER — Love Grown Foods, L.L.C. is putting a new spin on traditional cereal. Power O’s, a cereal made from navy beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, and brown rice are available in four flavors: original, honey, strawberry and chocolate. Power O’s are non-bioengineered and pack in 4 to 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. “Paying close attention to emerging trends in the natural products space, we realized the lack of bean and lentil-based products in the breakfast category and decided to capitalize on just that,” said Alex Hasulak, founder and chief executive officer of Love Grown Foods. “Our Power O’s are unlike anything on the shelves today and each of the four varieties are receiving phenomenal response from buyers and consumers alike.”

Mary’s Gone Crackers unveils new brand identity

GRIDLEY, CALIF. — Mary’s Gone Crackers is unveiling a new look, package design, and identity. The look will affect all product categories, including crackers, pretzels, cookies and bread crumb alternatives. The logo now has more of an emphasis on the “Mary’s” in lieu of “Crackers.”  “The consciousness in our culture has changed dramatically in the 10 years we have been in business,” said Mary Waldner, founder and chairman of Mary’s Gone Crackers. “We no longer need to educate our customers about the value of organic, whole, gluten free food. People get it. Our new look reflects our celebration of our company, our food and the joy we have in serving our customers.”