WASHINGTON — Representative Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania will receive the Horst G. Denk Legislative Service Award from the Independent Bakers Association (I.B.A.) when the group convenes for its annual membership meeting June 18-19.

“Congressman Pitts has an impressive history of leadership and service,” said Ron Cardy, chairman of the I.B.A. and chief executive officer of BelPastry, Omaha. The Pennsylvania legislator is being recognized for his leadership on agricultural issues, acknowledging the important role of farms and the food industry in supporting American progress.

Mr. Cardy also noted, “Congressman Pitts is a strong advocate for sugar reform, and as one of the original co-sponsors of the Sugar Reform Amendment he speaks out against the command-and-control sugar program that costs bakers and taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The award is given annually to two members of Congress based on support for key issues in the baking and food industry. It is named after Horst G. Denk, who served as I.B.A. chairman during the early 1980s and helped the I.B.A. expand its legislative involvement to help get the voice of the baker heard on issues at state and federal levels.

The I.B.A. cited Mr. Pitts’ efforts to champion the entrepreneur, especially in the need to reduce taxes and cut governmental red tape that impedes business.

The award presentation will take place during I.B.A.’s congressional reception on Capitol Hill, June 19, an event that’s part of the group’s 40th annual membership meeting.