ST. PAUL, MINN. — “Gluten-Free Baked Products” will be published later this month, bringing the insight of two cereal chemists to the commercial production of gluten-free foods.

Jeffrey L. Caspar, research and development manager for Horizon Milling, and William A. Atwell, Ph.D., a retired Cargill researcher, consultant and adjunct assistant professor of food science and nutrition at University of Minnesota, collaborated on the new book. They wrote it specifically to address commercial production of gluten-free foods.

“We started working with gluten-free products in 2007,” Dr. Atwell said. The knowledge gained by the two authors led them to divide the gluten-free category into three product types, based on their increasing degree of difficulty in formulation and processing: cookies, batter-based items and bread. This experience is reflected in the book.

“Our advice is to work first on cookie applications,” Dr. Atwell said. “They’re the easiest. Batter-based items will need some added functionality to substitute for that of gluten, but you can still get pretty far. The big problems are with bread.”

Published by AACC International, “Gluten-Free Baked Products” provides an entry level introduction to product requirements, product and process development and ingredients. It also examines gluten-related ailments and the market for gluten-free products, plus certification procedures, regulations and labeling requirements.

“The more you understand gluten, the more you can strategize to replace it,” Mr. Caspar said. “It gets down to fundamental rheology, how to create a strain-hardening material that replaces gluten. You want something that looks like and eats like bread, but there are multiple paths to achieve this.”

On May 12, AACCI announced the book’s availability for pre-order.

Horizon Milling is a joint venture between CHS, Inc., and Cargill, Inc.