TORONTO — Weston Foods, a subsidiary of George Weston Ltd., has completed the purchase of Rubschlager Baking Corp., Chicago. Rubschlager has a 100-year history of baking a full range of rye bread varieties and products for the North American market. The company’s products are sold across the United States and Canada and include a wide range of deli-style cocktail bread (its signature product), traditional square bread, 100% whole rye Rye-Ola bread, sandwich bread and mini-bread chips.

“Rubschlager will bring world-class, authentic rye products and capabilities to complement Weston’s broad portfolio of bakery products,” said Kevin McDonough, president of Weston Foods’ Frozen Division. “We plan to offer these great rye products to our customers in Canada and the U.S. through our existing sales network.”

Paul and Joan Rubschlager will continue to be ambassadors of the Rubschlager brand and help transition the business to Weston Foods ownership.

Paul’s uncle, Fred Rubschlager, founded the Rubschlager Baking Corp. in Chicago in 1913 as a neighborhood, full-line bakery called Rubschlager Brothers Bakery. All five Rubschlager brothers were at one time or another involved with Rubschlager Brothers Bakery.

Rubschlager made headlines several years ago when it said it planned to convert its entire bread product line to a 100% whole grain formulation. Currently, two of the company’s bread lines are 100% whole grain and the other lines are about 80% whole grain, the company said.

The company’s bread products usually are sold in the deli section of supermarkets and specialty stores, although they may be sold at the in-store bakery or from the commercial bakery shelf. Rubschlager generally is distributed to retail and food service customers by deli and specialty distributors.