MONTREAL — The European Commission has granted marketing authorization for vitamin D baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), according to Montreal-based Lallemand, which offers VitaD baker’s yeast. The authorization comes after a European Food Safety Authority panel found no safety concerns for baker’s yeast treated with U.V. irradiation to induce the conversion of ergosterol to vitamin D.

“Since many Europeans are not meeting their needs for vitamin D and new dietary sources are needed, the European Commission’s approval now gives the baking industry a unique opportunity to offer a solution to enhance the healthy attributes of bread, benefitting from the growing consumer awareness of the importance of vitamin D to the maintenance of the immune system and bone health, as recognized by E.F.S.A.,” said Gert Steenmkamp, president and general manager of Lallemand Yeast Group (EMEA Division).