MILWAUKIE, ORE – Dave’s Killer Bread’s calls its core consumers “good lifers” — typically females in their 30s and 40s who do the primary shopping for their households and are searching for natural, simple and organic baked goods.

“She cares what’s in her food, she’s willing to pay more for it, and she’s the person who is helping to fuel the organic and natural foods growth,” explained Michelle Hunt, vice-president of marketing, for the Milwaukie-based baker of premium breads.

These good lifers are label readers, added Dan Letchinger, product manager.

“The first thing they do when they pick up a loaf of bread is turn it over and read the ingredient label on the back side of the bag,” he said.

That’s part of the reason for the recent redesign of its packaging. In addition to making the ingredient legend larger and easier to read, the back of the bag highlights the product positioning to help consumers differentiate the taste and nutritional benefits of each style, such as its popular Blues Bread vs. Good Seed, for example.

“During our research, we found consumers identified our breads by the color of the label,” Mr. Letchinger said. “They would say, ‘I buy the yellow or the green one.’ They didn’t even know the product’s name. We redesigned the packaging so they can better identify with the product.”

Moreover, the new bags call out the breads’ organic and non-bioengineered status as well as other attributes. For example, a bull’s-eye frames the lower-calorie counts on its thin-sliced varieties. With the newly designed packaging, consumers can see more of the actual bread as well.

“There is so much boldness about the bread that we needed to reflect it in the packaging,” Ms. Hunt said. “We want you to see the seeds. We want you to know the product name and what the nutrition is. We wanted to call out specific dietary needs on the package.”