RICHMOND, VA. — Markel Bakery Group, Richmond, Va., has completed the acquisition of Tromp-Pol Baking Equipment B.V. (Vanderpol) and Den Boer Baking Systems B.V. (Den Boer). Vanderpol and Den Boer design and manufacture waffle equipment, handling equipment and ovens for bakers worldwide. Both companies are headquartered in The Netherlands.

Following the acquisition, Vanderpol and Den Boer will be combined with the previously acquired Tromp Bakery Equipment to form Tromp Group BV., a member of the Markel Bakery Group family of companies.

“We are excited to complete the union of Vanderpol and Den Boer with Tromp," said Ken Newsome, chief executive officer of Markel Bakery Group. “These three companies have worked together for years in a strategic alliance, and now, through this transaction, their customers will be better served by a fully integrated group that can deliver the entire production line.

“With AMF (pan bread and bun), Reading (baked snacks), and now Tromp Group (waffles, specialty breads, pizza, cake & pie, and cookie), we cover virtually the entire spectrum of baking equipment. We have offices in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., The Netherlands, Mexico, the UAE, Singapore and China, making our company a truly global enterprise with vast resources to serve the needs of the industrial baking industry.”

Robert Van Heukelum of Vanderpol and Den Boer will serve as president of Tromp Group.

“We are happy to be aligned under the Markel Bakery Group banner,” Mr. Van Heukelum said. “This gives us added stability and resources and the opportunity to partner with trusted, established brands in the baking industry.”