The logo reflects an expanded position into specialty grains, seeds and blends.

QUINCY, MASS. — Bay State Milling Co. has introduced a new corporate logo and tagline: “A Trusted Family of Ingredients.” The logo incorporates contemporary elements while staying true to the company’s branded color scheme. The visual impact will be carried over to a new web site expected to be completed early in 2015.

“Following the successful integration of recent acquisitions, the company logo reflects a unified message that encompasses its expanded position into specialty grains, seeds and blends as well as its historic leadership in inspired and authentic wheat-based ingredients,” the Quincy-based company said.

Bay State Milling is a 115-year-old, family-owned business transitioning to the fifth generation of the Rothwell family.

“Trust within the grain-based food value chain and within our team has been the cornerstone of Bay State Milling since 1899,” said Peter Levangie, president and chief operating officer. “Family refers not only to the ownership and guidance of the Rothwell family, but also to the family of customers, employees, suppliers and communities who contribute so much to our success and the family of solutions that allow us to fulfill our mission of providing innovative and distinctive ingredients for grain-based foods.”