HORSHAM, PA. — Bimbo Bakeries USA announced it will cease production at its Harrisburg, Pa., plant later this month. The bakery produces buns and will be shifting production to other B.B.U. facilities. Bimbo has operated the Harrisburg bakery since buying Stroehmann in 2009.

“This was not an easy decision and we value our associates at the Harrisburg Bakery,” said John Bowden, regional vice-president of operations for B.B.U. “Using the state-of-the-art bakeries in our network will allow us to remain competitive in the market."

“Consumers will not see a change in the availability of our products and we will continue to serve our customers with a full range of fresh, high-quality products.”

The plant employed approximately 84 people.

This is yet another closing of a B.B.U. plant in the past several years. Earlier this year the company ceased operations at its Bay Shore, N.Y., facility, as well as plants in Fresno, Calif.; Sioux City, Iowa; and Nashville, Tenn.