What started as a pork-rinds-and-cracklins business now has a finger in most of the other major snack categories. At its City of Industry, Calif., headquarters, Snak King makes everything: popcorn, caramel corn, cheese puffs and curls, tortilla chips, nuts and nut clusters, popped snacks, all manner of extruded snacks and, of course, pork rinds and cracklins.

Covering 180,000 square feet, the California facility boasts energy-efficient equipment upgrades and reuses the excess heat it creates. But the plant is land-locked, making external expansion impossible at the site. While much of the company’s current production pressures are being relieved by the new Freeport plant’s extruded, tortilla chip and potato chip capabilities, production of pork rinds, cracklins and snack nuts will stay in California.