LOS ANGELES — Instant.ly released its August results of Instant.ly Shelf Score, an index measuring consumer intent to purchase new consumer packaged goods (C.P.G.) products, revealing that an overwhelming number of the products listed are carbohydrate-rich. A wide variety of grocery products recently introduced to stores were reviewed and ranked as the 10 most appealing. Final selections were made based on flavor innovation, interesting applications of new or popular ingredients, and category disruption from small or unknown brands.

Tying for the top product were Kellogg Co.’s Eggo Waffles Thick and Fluffy Blueberry Cobbler and General Mills, Inc.’s Pillsbury Parmesan and Basil Artisan Bread Mix at 70% purchase intent. Other notable products include DiGiorno Design a Pizza Kit chicken, green peppers and red onions with pepperoni at 69%, Kellogg's FiberPlus Antioxidants Bar ALA Omega-3 Chocolatey Trail Mix at 67% and Popchips Hint of Olive Oil Veggie Chips at 65%.

Instant.ly is an on-demand consumer insights platform, providing brands with instant on-demand access to targetable consumers. The Instant.ly portfolio is comprised of Instant.ly Survey Tool for survey authoring and fielding, and Instant.ly Concept Test for early-stage concept screening.

Shelf Score is derived from the Instant.ly Concept Test, which provides C.P.G. brands and retailers with a way to screen new products, and allows for managers to collect feedback on the products.