Oven design and the latest technology can do wonders in saving bakers money on energy costs and create quality consistent products. However, if a baker doesn’t properly maintain the oven, all those benefits can go out the window.

“The way an oven is set up and run can have far more effect on its efficiency than anything that can be achieved in the design office,” said Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins. Incorrectly adjusted burners, unbalanced heat profiles, deteriorating insulation, seals and burner components as well as poor operating processes can all be devastating in terms of running an oven efficiently.

“One of the best things a baker can do is treat his oven like his car,” said Jerry Barnes, vice-president of engineering, Baker Thermal Solutions. “If you maintain your car and keep it tuned up, it will run more efficiently. Ovens are no different.”

By doing the proper preventative maintenance, such as keeping burners tuned and the exhaust in check, ovens will run better longer.

“One of the most effective things a bakery can do to improve its sustainability is to implement regular internal cleaning, preventive maintenance routines and process optimization analyses of their ovens,” Mr. Graham said.