OAKLAND, CALIF. — John Wohlgemuth and Leighton Mue have been named vice-president of operations and vice-president of finance, respectively, at Just Desserts, a maker of desserts and sweet snacks.

“John and Leighton bring to Just Desserts a wealth of knowledge and we welcome them at a time when Just Desserts is growing and expanding,” said Michael Mendes, chief executive officer at Just Desserts. “I know we will benefit from their contributions. Their combined expertise will help ensure we meet our new company objectives and our customer and partner needs.”

The duo brings a combined 40 years of industry experience. Mr. Wohlgemuth has 25 years of experience in strategic sourcing and operations in the baking sector at Just Desserts. Prior to Just Desserts, he worked at Otis Spunkmeyer, Rolling Pin Manufacturing and Safeway, Inc.  In his new role, he will be responsible for overall manufacturing efficiency.

“I look forward to working with Michael, Leighton and the rest of the executive team as we solidify new partnerships, identify new vendors, and create new products our customers will enjoy,” Mr. Wohlgemuth said. “As Just Desserts enters into a new era, this is an exciting time to be part of this team and I look forward to exceeding our goals and contributing to Just Desserts’ bright future.”

Mr. Mue brings 14 years of corporate financial planning and analysis with Sun Microsystems, Inc., SunLink, and 365 Main. Mr. Mue will oversee accounts payable and receivables for the company and focus on financial growth.

“Just Desserts is embarking on a major transformation and the executive team is poised to meet new business goals,” Mr. Mue said. “I look forward to partnering with Michael and the team as we develop and execute growth plans that drive sales and profits for the company and its retail partners.”.