KANSAS CITY — Fourth-quarter North American and European cocoa bean grind declined from the same quarter a year earlier, but full-year results were mixed. North American fourth-quarter grind was 122,886 tonnes, down 2,446 tonnes, or 2%, from the same quarter in 2013, the National Confectioners Association said, but grind for all of 2014 totaled 521,657 tonnes, up 10,615 tonnes, or 2%, from 2013 and the highest on record since the N.C.A. began reporting North American grind in 2009. European fourth-quarter grind of 323,061 tonnes tumbled 7% from a year earlier and was the lowest since 2005, the European Cocoa Association said, with full 2014 grind of 1,301,527 tonnes down 2% from 2013. Fourth-quarter grind in both regions was below trade expectations, pressuring cocoa bean futures prices and raising concerns about weak chocolate demand.