While bakery operations get the bills paid, Jeff Dearduff’s outside activities feed his creativity. Anyone who knows him understands he has a knack for extracurricular activities that have included voiceover work, auto racing and more.

“Kurt Miller (sales director, J&K Ingredients, Paterson, N.J.) calls it ‘arts and crafts,’“ Mr. Dearduff joked.

His voiceover work started with a ticket his wife, Wendy, bought him for a seminar at the local community college in Joliet, Ill. Since then, it has served the baking industry through two years of Baking & Snack “Tech Tips” podcasts that covered engineering and operations aspects of the industry. Listen to archives at www.bakingbusiness.com/Multimedia/Podcasts.

Auto racing, a sport his father introduced him to, was a part of his life for more than two decades. Not unlike baking, auto racing is something that requires dedication, passion and teamwork.

“It’s more than the competition and the moment when the green flag drops,” Mr. Dearduff said. “It’s building the cars, working them. It’s having other people helping you and building something together. Every car I ever raced, my dad and I — with help from other people — built from the ground up.”

Today, when he’s not playing with his grandkids, Mr. Dearduff spends his downtime on the golf course or playing in the band at church.

“I love my Saturday morning golf game with some close friends,” he said. “Golf can be frustrating, but if you manage the time well, it’s relaxing. But my wife doesn’t understand how it can take me seven hours to play. “

So, what would he be doing if he didn’t have all the “arts and crafts” to keep him busy in his limited spare time? The only thing that’s left: “I’d be napping.”