ROBESONIA, PA. — Jim Warren has been promoted to vice-president of Exact Mixing for Reading Bakery Systems. In his new position, Mr. Warren will lead a team of mixing systems engineers, project managers and sales support staff to grow the continuous mixing business. His responsibilities will include overseeing the continued growth of Exact Mixing worldwide, introducing continuous mixing to the Markel Bakery Group companies.

Mr. Warren was co-founder and president of Exact Mixing Systems from 1994 until 2008, when the company merged with Reading Bakery Systems. Since 2008, he has been director of Exact Mixing for Reading Bakery Systems.

Prior to 1994, Mr. Warren was district engineer for Halliburton Services and was responsible for design of liquid metering and blending systems. He was southeast regional engineering manager for Air Liquide, responsible for the design and sales of cryogenic food freezing systems. Immediately prior to founding Exact Mixing Systems, he was general manager for Schroder, Inc., a subsidiary of Schroder and Co. of Lubeck, Germany, responsible for sales and engineering in North and South America, including continuous dough mixing systems and continuous margarine and shortening crystallization systems.

He received a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering from the University of Arkansas.

“I am pleased to announce Jim’s promotion,” said Joseph Zaleski, president of Reading Bakery Systems. “As one of the founders of Exact Mixing, he has been a significant player in the ongoing success of the company, and we look forward to his continued contributions.”

Reading Bakery Systems is a manufacturer of baking and process systems for the global baked snack food industry. The Reading Bakery Systems brands — Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing and Reading Thermal — offer production lines capable of producing a wide range of snack products, automated continuous mixing systems and oven profiling and consulting services. Reading Bakery Systems is a Markel Bakery Group Co.