DDW Louisville facility
DDW has opened a new facility in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE, KY. – DDW has opened a new facility in Louisville that will produce the company’s new EmulsiTech color emulsions. The emulsion technology converts oil-soluble sources such as beta-carotene and paprika into water-dispersible form, making them suitable for coloring products such as beverages, soup, ice cream, yogurt, confectionery items and baked foods.

With EmulsiTech, product developers may formulate with naturally sourced colorings for clear or opaque applications.

The facility also houses a pilot plant, cold storage and offices. DDW now has two sites in Louisville for manufacturing food ingredients. The new facility is next to the company’s global support center on Spring Street and near its caramel color operation and U.S. subsidiary on Payne Street.

“The new site enables DDW to produce an even broader portfolio of food coloring in the yellow, orange and red spectrum for customers,” said Elaine Gravatte, president and chief operating officer.