Donkey Brands L.L.C. manufactures flour tortilla chips.

CAROL STREAM, ILL. — Donkey Brands L.L.C., a maker of flour tortilla chips, has doubled production volumes at its Carol Stream facility by installing a new production line. The new line, which was provided by FOODesign, a tna company, will allow Donkey Brands to meet increased demand and boost growth, the companies said.

As part of the investment, Donkey Brands opted to integrate FOODesign’s immerso-cook direct-fired continuous frying system to complement its pre-existing FOODesign cutting, conveying and quick-coat seasoning systems. By using the immerse-cook system, Donkey Brands said it is able to keep oils clean and is able to produce more tortilla chips with less downtime from changing oils.

“With demand growing for quantity and quality, we needed a flexible frying system to build on our capabilities and enhance production capacity,” said Robert Tisljar, partner at Donkey Brands. “Our previous line was predominantly manual and included a smaller fryer, as well as more conventional conveying systems. Looking for the best way to step into the world of automation, we saw the answer in FOODesign. The aim, quite simply, was to increase production output while at the same time improving the overall quality of our products.”