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Capway Automation announced plans to continue sales and support.

YORK, PA. — Capway Automation, Inc. has completed the acquisition of Capway Holdings International USA, Capway Systems Inc., and the intellectual property of Capway Systems Netherlands. The Netherlands portion of Capway declared bankruptcy in March 2015, but Keith C. Schoff, president and chief executive officer of Capway Automation, and other members of the management team expressed optimism and assured that it is still a viable and growing U.S. company.

“For our core customers, we are not only continuing our strong tradition of taking on challenges our competitors won’t and delivering innovative solutions, but we’re taking that tradition to the next level,” Mr. Schoff said. “And for the industry at large, we will now be able to grow our vision and become a more viable supplier of our American-made products to a broader range of customers.”

Other members of the management team include Robert H. Harrington, vice-president of sales and marketing; Lori Rhine, vice-president of finance and chief financial officer; Scott Swaltek, PE, vice-president of engineering; and Dan Crabill, vice-president of manufacturing. Capway Automation specializes in manufacturing and providing support for single-line conveyors and equipment and fully automated, high-speed systems.