Franz Bakery propane vehicle
Frank Bakery plans to add 20 propane autogas vehicles to its fleet this year.

PORTLAND, ORE. — Franz Bakery will add 20 more propane autogas vehicles to its fleet this year, the Portland-based company said Nov. 5. Propane autogas emits 11% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared with gasoline and diesel, according to the Propane Education & Research Council. Franz Bakery partners with regional propane supplier Blue Star Gas in its commitment to alternative fuels. Blue Star Gas in 2012 converted 10 Franz Bakery delivery vehicles to propane autogas using the Prins vapor injection system. The new Alliance Engineered VSI-2 system will be used for the 20 additional delivery vehicles.

“Propane autogas has been a great investment for us over the years,” said Tommy Moreno, fleet manager for Franz Bakery. “Yes, it’s good business in terms of what we’re saving in fuel cost compared to gasoline, but the bigger benefit is to the community with our contribution to clean air.”