Chex and Pillsbury snack packs
General Mills latest snacks and indulgences help consumers get a guilt-free salty or sweet fix.

With an emphasis on total wellness, moderation and clean ingredients, people are less interested in cutting out carbs, fat and sugar and more about allowing small indulgences to get themselves through the day. Portion-controlled packaging does the moderating for them.

“Rather than completely forgoing sweet or salty treats, consumers are more willing to indulge but in smaller quantities,” said Kelly Kees, global insight associate, General Mills, Minneapolis. To answer this trend, General Mills started offering smaller, single-serve “slampack” resealable packaging for salty snacks and Pillsbury Minis Package Bakery items: four poppable baked goods in clear, resealable packaging.

Such individually packaged snacks and sweet goods make it easy to not only control portions but also come back for more.

“Portion-controlled items further benefit consumers because they are generally at a lower price points and more portable and car-friendly,” Ms. Kees said.

General Mills’ slampacks are single-serve portions in resealable pouches, making them easy to eat on-the-go, such as in the car. The company offers slampack packaging across several platforms: nuts, seeds, trail mix, pretzel and salty snack mix. General Mills recently launched products exclusive for the c-store channel — Chex Xtreme slampacks in Spicy Sriracha and Hot Chili & Lime flavors — at the NACS Show this past October.