Newberry Specialty Bakers web site
Coastal Foods, Inc. has changed its name to Newberry Specialty Bakers, Inc.

HOUSTON — Coastal Foods, Inc., a provider of wholesale specialty baked goods to the grocery and food service industry, has changed its name to Newberry Specialty Bakers, Inc. The company said the name change reflects a rebranding initiative to better represent the specialty line of custom-made, quality-baked goods the company provides. The items include scones, pastries, brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and pies.

“As Newberry Specialty Bakers marks its 25th year in business, we felt it was fitting that our new brand pay homage to our heritage, an unwavering commitment to quality and service to our distributors and customers,” said Bill Evans, chief executive officer of Newberry Specialty Bakers. “I will continue to oversee the growth of our bakery as we offer new, hand-crafted and decorated baked items and expand to new distribution channels. In order to maintain our focus on operational excellence, Howard Anders has joined Newberry Specialty Bakers as president. His experience in finance, supply chain management and cultural development will be a huge asset to all of us.”

The company said the transition to the new name, including product packaging and marketing materials, will begin immediately and continue over the next months.