WASHINGTON — The Grain Foods Foundation will roll out its new, merged web site this week. As part of the launch, representatives of the G.F.F. will answer questions during a conference call set for 2 p.m. E.S.T. Thursday, Feb. 19.

The G.F.F. first announced it would be creating a merged web site combining its Go With The Grain and Grains for your Brain web sites in December 2014, when the foundation unveiled details of a rebranding process. The rebranding included a new logo for G.F.F. investors to use on packages and in marketing materials, and the development of a “brand position” and a “brand statement.”

In addition to the launch of the web site, the G.F.F. announced several presentations scheduled for the next month.

First, Sylvia Klinger, G.F.F.’s scientific advisory board member, will be addressing the nation’s top Hispanic physicians at the National Hispanic Medical Association’s conference on March 28 in Washington. Her session will explore debunking media myths on low/no carb diets and why Latinos shouldn’t follow the group mentality. More specifically, she’ll share the landscape on dieting and the impact on media, illustrate the impacts on dieting and media on Latino health and culture, and help the audience evaluate opportunities as clinicians and public health professionals on how to better educate clients on the best approaches to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Then, on March 30-31, the G.F.F. will make its nutrition research debut at the Experimental Biology Annual Conference in Boston. Last summer, the G.F.F. conducted grain foods research based on government consumption data, and the results were positive for grain-based foods. Representatives of the G.F.F. will present two abstracts at the conference. The first, “Consumption of certain grain food patterns is associated with improved diet quality and nutrient intakes in U.S. adults: A NHANES 2005-2010 analysis,” is set for March 30. The second abstract, “Cost of nutrients analyses using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey: a focus on grain foods,” is scheduled for March 31.

“Our nutrition research journey has been two years in the making, and this initial step is important to establishing G.F.F. as a thought leader within the health and wellness research circles,” the G.F.F. said. “Presentation at conferences like Experimental Biology is critical to our outreach in the influencer spheres. The next step will be to pursue publication of the findings in a peer-reviewed journal.”

Yanni Papanikolaou will be onsite at the American Bakers Association meeting in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday, March 29, as part of the G.F.F. Scientific Advisory Panel to address specific questions on the research process and outcomes.