FAIRFIELD, N.J. – The new CytoGuard-YM has been shown to protect a range of food products from mold growth and rancidity since it contains both mold inhibition and antioxidant properties, according to A&B Ingredients, Fairfield. The ingredient joins the CytoGuard line of antimicrobials and shelf life extenders from A&B Ingredients.

“CytoGuard-YM is a water-soluble product containing powerful antioxidants, which are enzymatically extracted from oregano and flaxseed,” said Gil Bakal, managing director for A&B Ingredients. “While it was specifically designed for grain products such as natural and organic baked goods and tortillas, it can also play a role in such products as bakery fillings, sauces and dairy products, among others.”

Sold in liquid form, CytoGuard-YM is effective at neutral pH and is non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. MBN