Bimbo Bakery's new facility supports its vision for environmental sustainability.

LEHIGH VALLEY, PA. — The Austin Co. has completed construction on Bimbo Bakeries USA’s (B.B.U.) first LEED Gold-certified bakery facility, located in Lehigh Valley. The $75 million, 231,000-square-foot commercial baking facility features a bakery and ingredients processing area, multiple production lines, receiving and shipping facilities, packaging and warehouse areas, office and employee facilities, and other support areas.

The Austin Co. and B.B.U. have partnered in the past on multiple bakery projects, and the latest facility was designed and constructed to support B.B.U.’s vision for environmental sustainability and achieving LEED standards. The LEED Gold recognition is a first for B.B.U. Austin’s site work included: rain gardens, multiple infiltration ponds and riparian buffers for storm water management, highly-efficient HVAC, energy-efficient equipment and fixtures, solar tube skylights, and hot water return recirculation.

“B.B.U. has partnered with The Austin Co. on several projects, and we are grateful for their efforts in helping us achieve LEED Gold Certification on the Lehigh Valley project,” said Jim McKeowan, director of environment and sustainability, Grupo Bimbo/Bimbo Bakeries USA.

B.B.U. first announced plans to build the facility back in January 2013.