GRANDVIEW, MO. — A Corbion Caravan manufacturing facility in Grandview experienced an explosion in the early morning hours of March 11, the company said. Among the 15 employees working the night shift, 3 were taken to a hospital for evaluation. Two were released from the hospital the same morning as the explosion.

“We will provide an update on the other employee as it becomes available,” Corbion Caravan said. “The safety and well-being of our employees is our top priority. A full investigation is under way into the cause of the explosion.”

In a report from Kansas City’s Fox 4 News, Ronald Graham, Grandview fire chief, said the explosion blew out a wall up to seven stories tall and that three people suffered minor injuries. The Grandview manufacturing facility produces dry blend ingredients and emulsifiers for sale to the bakery and food industries, according to Corbion Caravan.

In December 2013, an early morning fire injured three employees at a Corbion Caravan manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Kas. The explosion occurred on the fourth floor of the seven-story facility, which produces dry blend ingredients for sale to the bakery, food and beverage industries. Earlier, in October 2012, a fire broke out at the company’s production facility in Grandview, but it was quickly contained.