Butter Krust and Klosterman take home top honors.

ORLANDO, FLA. — Butter Krust Baking Co. and Klosterman Baking Co. took top honors in The Long Co.’s annual bread and bun competition. The Chicago area-based baking cooperative recently disclosed the winners during its annual shareholders meeting in Orlando.

Butter Krust Baking’s plant in Northumberland, Pa., took the Holsum Cup for best Holsum brand white bread. The bakery can display the distinctive “cup logo” on its Holsum packaging for the next 12 months.

Klosterman Baking’s plant in Morristown, Ind., won first place in the best Holsum buns contest.

In a yearlong competition, Butter Krust Baking’s Northumberland’s bakery also won the “best in bread” winner. This competition is open to all branded products that The Long. Co. member bakeries produce.

More than 55 wholesale bakeries sent bread and bun samples to The Long Co. for scoring. The samples were rated for qualities such as crust thickness and color, interior grain and uniformity of cell structure, flavor, aroma and general eating qualities.

The Long Co. is a member-owned cooperative offering member bakeries and non-members a variety of services, including production, sanitation, engineering, human resources consultations and purchasing services, since 1900.